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Demon Belles Burlesque!
Tuesday !  March 24th >>> The big Leicester Burlesque show!

Rule Britania!  It's a 1940's themed night of brit-burlesque !!

Twirl your tassles like a spitfire and see the local beauties bare their doodlebugs!

What more could you ask for.  The amazing Demon Belles Burlesque dancers are a local DMU favourite.  Bringing their student-friendly bust-fest to a night of good-natured dating and dancing.

With a mix of classic tunes and sexy routines, the Demon Belles' shows are always a great way to meet new people and flirt with our matchmaking game!

We often have exclusive player offers such as free shots when you play the game, check the events calendar for full details!

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Love in Leiecester...

There's a lot of happy party people in Leicester, and we love our friends at Revolution, for their amazing range of drinks, vodka shots, cocktails and pitchers for sharing. 

Badd-ass Burlesque Babes!

It's true, now our live parties are even hotter, with (near) nude naughtiness   :D  it's all in the spirit of good clean fun though, with the girls from DMU's Demon Belles Burlesque putting on a great show.  Check their website for more details: